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"I am pleased to note that, one year after the European Commission launched the consultation process for adapting the common agricultural policy to the current needs of farmers and agricultural producers, we have reached a consensus on certain specific proposals. I feel that the compromise which has been reached on Article 68 is appropriate, especially the increase from 10% to 15% in the ceiling for creating the funds required for any new public policy strategic measures in Member States and the introduction of a clear ceiling for use in forms of specific aid. I would like to come back to the issue concerning the deadline for the complete application of the cross-compliance package in the case of Romania and Bulgaria. Both these countries will reach the 100% direct payment ceiling by 1 January 2016. Consequently, it is fair that the deadline for the complete application of the cross-compliance package in both countries should be by then. I note with dismay that the amendment supported by us to this effect has not been adopted. Bearing in mind the importance of this issue to the new Member States, I urge my fellow Members to take this into account in subsequent discussions so that we can find a solution beneficial to both States and approved by representatives of all the EU’s Member States."@en1

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