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"Mr President, I should like to join in the thanks which numerous Members have already quite rightly extended to the rapporteur, Doris Pack. In her, we have someone who is hopefully not wasting her time and effort and who truly is investing a great deal of time and effort in this area. I rejoice with her and with those who have also said that there has been some progress, including in the area of police cooperation. That is important if actual life on the ground is to be able to run along reasonable lines. Nevertheless, I believe that we must keep pointing out to our counterparts in Bosnia and Herzegovina that they personally and their side still needs to do a great deal, even more than is already being done in numerous areas. Internal cooperation and a willingness to enter into internal cooperation between the ethnic groups is something which we must permanently demand. We do not want everyone trying to go their own way. Involvement in regional cooperation in the Western Balkans is also important."@en1

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