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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, 2009 is a year in which we will not only be going to the polls but will also have to provide some answers to specific questions asked of us by our electorates. One such question will concern the area of freedom, security and justice: why do we mean to create it, how do we mean to create it and when do we mean to create it. We need to provide an answer in the form of an ambitious programme of legislative policies which, Commissioner, the Commission has not yet put on the table. We expect strong legislative proposals with respect to immigration policy, especially on entry policies and asylum policies, in order to safeguard this fundamental right throughout the European Union and to avoid drawing a distinction between policies on legal and illegal immigration, which seems to us altogether inappropriate. We believe that a common policy framework and regulatory environment is necessary: alongside containment measures we need integration measures and legal immigration channels. We expect strong proposals on judicial cooperation in criminal and police matters, founded on mutual recognition of procedural guarantees. Mutual recognition is still lacking, and without such proposals the fight against organised crime and terrorism is likely to remain nothing but rhetoric. Lastly, we expect a bolder approach to the protection and safeguarding of fundamental rights, which remain the primary objective of judicial measures. The new Fundamental Rights Agency should become the main instrument of this activity once the Treaty of Lisbon enters into force. We expect, Commissioner, to find evidence of this intention in the programme to be unveiled to us by the Commission within the next few days."@en1

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