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"Madam President, some of you are probably wondering, rightly, what a Member from a landlocked European country such as Austria is doing in a debate on deep-sea shipping. There is no very simple answer to this question, but it can perhaps be stated in a few words why this subject is important to us as well. Firstly – and this really applies to all the Member States of the European Union, not just to us – the safety and optimum organisation of navigation on the high seas are an important concern for all those involved. Catastrophic events, and not just those associated with the flowery name have made this very clear to many of us. However – and now we come to a very particular point, to which some of my fellow Members have already alluded – the incorporation of inland waterway transport in the rules on liability is a European act of folly without parallel. We should reject it, regardless of whether we hail from seafaring nations or from landlocked countries. It would entail excessive costs and excessive bureaucracy, and therefore pose a problem overall, for inland waterway transport in Europe, and this is a problem we should not be exacerbating. Quite the opposite. We should be establishing rules on liability for inland waterway transport too in the form of a sound special regime, and not artificially subjecting it to the rules for deep-sea shipping."@en1

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