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"Mr President, the rapporteur, Mr Kirkhope, has already been thanked several times today – quite rightly – for having now reached a clear consensus on a highly complex issue in committee and in cooperation with the shadow rapporteurs as well as with other fellow Members and I hope that this will also continue this morning. It was said just now that even the term ‘CRS’ was not clear to very many Members at the start of the discussion. Today we know what it means and today we know what important issues we have rightly been discussing. Sincere thanks once again for this fine work on a hopefully good European legal instrument. We have accommodated a range of content in this report, which now necessarily has an important function beyond the heavily technical nature of this report, even in another context. Consumers are protected while a final total price can actually be displayed by the price display method and this cannot be covered up with various special or supplementary prices. We have – because our group is always being reproached with this – achieved considerable progress. We have stated that we do not want to talk merely about preferential treatment for rail, but we do want to know for certain with regard to short- and medium-haul flights that rail transport has a fair chance of being included here. As has already been addressed, we have also proved the CO consumption or demanded that it be proved – as well – in order to establish by comparison what we want to achieve and what the consumer can contribute."@en1

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