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"Mr President, services are an essential part of our economic future. This is true not only for the highly developed economies here in Europe, but also and in particular for the so-called developing countries. Because this is true, we have to show that the deregulation we achieved in the past in the goods transport sector is also our aim in the service sector. It is perhaps even more important in many instances here. Both the rapporteur, Mr Kamall, whom we have to thank for the report, and Mr Zaleski have pointed out what is possible in the service sector: knowledge transfer, better qualifications, jobs and better infrastructure. These are things that we should all in fact jointly support. Looking at matters from this angle, we ought to be encompassing many of the ideologies over which we have been fighting here in Europe in recent years and centuries, without looking backwards quite so much. ‘Yes’ to special needs in certain sectors, but ‘no’ to these surrogate battles that some Members of this House want to fight on the back of the developing countries."@en1

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