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"Mr President, our view on enlargement is that the peoples of Europe have the right, if they so judge, and provided that they meet the required criteria, to seek accession to the European Union. This principle is also the basis for our views in the case of Turkey, the accession process of which also affects the resolution of the Cyprus issue. We insist, however, that Turkey’s compliance with the commitments it has made towards the European Union is an essential condition for the completion of its accession. While there should be no waiver of the obligation of the European Union to honour its own commitments, Turkey must comply fully with the principles of international legality, the UN resolutions and European law for an end to the occupation in Cyprus, the opening up of ports and airports to Cypriot ships and aeroplanes and the abrogation of the veto so that the Republic of Cyprus can participate in international forums and agreements. Especially at this point in time, following the initiative of the newly elected President, Demetris Christofias, and the efforts being made by the leaders of the two communities, Turkey ought to comply and to refrain from placing any obstacle in the way of this new phase in the Cyprus issue."@en1

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