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"Madam President, I thank all my colleagues who have contributed to what has been a very lively debate here this evening and certainly had some rough edges. In that regard, the past 40 or 50 minutes have mirrored what happened in the Committee on Transport and Tourism over the past months. There, too, we saw fairly wide differences of opinion. We had to vote on more than 350 draft amendments. We managed to reduce those 350 draft amendments to a relatively consistent text, which was then adopted by a very large majority in committee, i.e. 27 in favour and 2 against. I would be glad if we could achieve a similar result at the vote tomorrow and will do my best to ensure it. One group was not happy with the outcome of the discussions in the Committee on Transport and has made that very plain again today. We have also heard the appeal to colleagues to change their minds tomorrow. I would be most grateful to see my colleagues continue the cooperation we saw in the Committee on Transport and concentrate on getting the text we drafted in committee through plenary tomorrow. In that context, I would ask them to take a look at the recommendations the rapporteur has set out in tomorrow’s voting list. For the rest, I look forward to continuing to work on this subject and wish the Commission and the Vice-President every success with the action plan and their further activities in this field."@en1

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