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"Madam President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, we all like to go on about shifting transport to more environmentally friendly modes. First, however, we must create the many conditions we need to implement that. The same applies in particular to the railway, which is a highly environmentally-friendly means of transport. We have some serious technological catching up to do here if we want to make the systems interoperable and we need to take a range of measures to ensure that we really achieve an internal transport market. After lengthy and detailed negotiations between Parliament and the Council, we have achieved a good result. So we should not badmouth it but should actually endorse it tomorrow by a large majority. However, I do think some reservations are in order, especially on the subject of agencies. Our experience so far in Europe with agencies has been, to put it cautiously, less than perfect. We often began by allocating too few if any budget resources at the start-up of the agencies. Then problems arose and we kept having to compensate after the event. We had and still have the problem of incorporating too few if any political controls and finding that the agencies have taken on a life of their own, free of any political control or responsibility. We can only hope, and the Commissioner must ensure, that it will all be different this time. Nevertheless, we must still remain on our guard, especially when it comes to agencies."@en1

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