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"Mr President, I would like to express my very great satisfaction at this House’s almost unanimous approval of the report on the effects of the planned construction of the so-called Baltic pipeline, linking Russia and Germany through the natural environment of the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is a typical inland sea, with a shallow basin and a limited exchange of waters with world oceans. In addition, there is a large amount of chemical weaponry sunk on the Baltic seabed and this could lead to an ecological disaster during construction in this basin, which is a very important one from the European point of view. However, there is another, more important issue raised in this report. Energy investments involving EU Member States should be the subject of the combined attention and care of Europe and all the EU and its citizens, not just of one country, in this case Germany. We must think first and foremost of European solidarity and ensuring energy security for the whole of Europe. This is not what is happening today. I hope that this report will send a clear signal from the European Parliament to the Council and the Commission but, especially, to the Government of Germany, that it should not be just two countries taking decisions on the Baltic pipeline, but this should be done with the understanding and agreement of this House and all Member States."@en1

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