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"Mr President, last week the German Freie Demokratische Partei MEP Mrs Koch-Mehrin suggested that if Poland decided not to ratify the Treaty of Lisbon, it should be excluded from the Union. This scandalous utterance was a comment on the statement made by the Polish President relating to not signing the Treaty after the Irish referendum fiasco, as this would be irrelevant. Under EU law, unanimity in this regard is essential. This preposterous utterance by a fellow Member is part of a dishonourable tradition in this House of disregard for the will of European peoples, which constitutes a major threat to the foundations of democracy. Lack of respect for the result of the Irish referendum, along with the call for Poland to be excluded from the EU, are proof of this. Countries that base themselves on Community law are to be punished simply for observing that law. This is the true face of today’s EU. It is but one step away from totalitarianism. I want to call on all my fellow Members to have more respect for those who have elected us. It is we who are supposed to be putting their will into action, not the other way around. We must not forget this!"@en1

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