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"Mr President, Mr Vice-President of the Commission, may I offer you my warm congratulations on your new post. We will undoubtedly have many opportunities to discuss the issue of transport with you in the future, and I very much look forward to that. I would also like to thank the rapporteur for ensuring that we have a good legal text. We must now make sure that this legal text is implemented as swiftly as possible in the Member States, and even more importantly – as has already been said today – we must ensure that the relevant national legislation and regulations are applied correctly at local level. Here, we need commitment and a meticulous approach from the relevant authorities. What we do not need is carelessness or any turning of a blind eye by those who are responsible for monitoring. It is also important – as previous speakers have said – that the declaration of dangerous goods takes place in such a way that inspections and escorting can be undertaken as appropriate. This will improve safety on our roads and also on our inland waterways."@en1

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