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"The European nations that long for freedom and sovereignty now have reason to thank the Irish nation. A message of freedom and hope has gone out, loud and clear, from little Ireland. That message should be a wake-up call for the enemies of democracy who disregard the will of the people and break the previously agreed rules of the game. The question of what to do next has arisen. I submit that instead of dreaming about an unattainable European superstate, we should launch a debate on the rights of the nations. We should first agree on a charter concerning the rights of the nations, and use that as a basis for defining the principles of European integration. Ladies and gentlemen, you are the architects of the European Union. I urge you to stop the manipulation, and to allow the people themselves to determine their future by putting them in possession of the truth. I call on you to allow the nations to live in their sovereign states, which will decide for themselves how and with whom to cooperate and how and with whom to integrate."@en1

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