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"Mr President, human beings do not have crumple zones. Things can happen very quickly and lead to serious injuries, as we saw just recently, in the France-Italy football match where it was immediately apparent that Franck Ribéry’s leg had been broken. Because people do not have crumple zones, we must ensure that road users with less metal are protected from those who have more. We have to equip vehicles technically in such a way that pedestrians have a chance. The present text calls for a package of passive and active safety systems. Quite rightly, we are calling for permanent updating. In fact, we also want to provide appropriate deadlines for manufacturers, so that everything can be achieved within a reasonable time. There is one thing we must not forget, however, which does not necessarily belong in this regulation, although it relates to it, and that is psychology. We must not lead drivers and pedestrians to believe that they are safer than they really are. From this aspect, I make the case for establishing accompanying measures in other areas too. We need a comprehensive overall package, and the various legislators at both European and national level would be well advised to ensure that this feeling of safety does not ultimately come at the expense of more safety than it provides. One final point: like others before me, I would like to thank the rapporteur, Mr Ferrari, for his excellent work. In the Committee on Transport and Tourism we reached an agreement on his proposals after a good discussion – and not only us, but apparently also the Council. All credit to Mr Ferrari, on this point at least. We have consensus at first reading, and that is a good sign. Thank you very much!"@en1

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