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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, transatlantic trade is currently worth about EUR 600 billion a year. Now the Commission is suggesting that we open the market to poultry that has been disinfected in a chlorine solution. I say strongly: I greatly regret that the Commission has not managed to claim – and gain – access to the market in the United States for our unchlorinated poultry at last. However, I would like to say that I support the Commission’s suggestions in principle, because the scientific experts’ reports are conclusive. The European Food Safety Authority provided a very conclusive expert report; we do not require any further expert reports. Here, as on the other side of the Atlantic, nobody wishes to see people’s health put at risk by food, but if there really are misgivings about the substances used in the United States, then I ask myself why these substances are permitted here in the European Union as an additive to animal feedstuffs, potable water and other foods? I know how much importance many EU Member States attach to food quality and food safety, and just as well. What would France be, for example, without its ? This product, exported from France and famous the world over, is also prepared for export to the United States with a chlorine treatment according to the American method. Apparently, this method is so good that it is considered suitable for the export of quality products from Europe. From my point of view, then, this is a rather dishonest discussion. The Commission has made clear suggestions to guarantee the safety of European consumers. I believe that labelling, in particular, must be clear and visible, so that consumers really know what they are buying, but I know, too, that consumers will choose European poultry anyway. However, I call on everyone to stop hiding behind supposed environmental or health arguments and clearly state what this is really about. It is a question of honesty and honesty in politics is vital, especially when it comes to discussing a topic with friends like the United States."@en1
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