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"Madam President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Schulz will be pleased to hear that I do not intend to speak French. That, however, does not prevent me from unreservedly backing President Sarkozy's initiative, which has pushed – or even propelled – Europe into a position from where it can reclaim a vital role in the Mediterranean area. The merit of the Sarkozy initiative is that it responds to the question of outcomes from the Barcelona Process in anything but a tame manner. Whenever we ask ourselves what the Mediterranean has gained from the Barcelona Process, our objective, serious and truthful answer is inevitably unsatisfactory. There has of course been the war, and there is still conflict in the Middle East. When it was decided in Barcelona in 1995 to launch this new European policy, the idea was to manage the post-conflict peace. That was not the case then and is not now. Europe is still dragging its feet, and the French President's initiative strikes us as well-timed. We endorse the Commission's initiative and the compromise which has emerged from it. We back it, yet we believe that it is still insufficient with regard to the role that Europe can and must play in the Mediterranean. Some people feared, and still fear, that the French initiative might jeopardise European cohesion; I do not believe there is any such danger. No such danger exists whenever Europe is asked to focus more on politics and less on the market."@en1

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