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". There is a close link between animal and human health owing to the possibility of transmission of certain diseases. Animals are living sentient beings and their protection and proper treatment is one of the most serious challenges facing European countries. Animal health is an important issue because an epidemic of animal diseases can cause problems, particularly in rural areas. Coordinated action at European and global level is required if the various problems affecting this sector are to be resolved. Global warming, increased demand for food, mobility of human beings, trade and the opening of borders all contribute to increasing the threat to animal health. Veterinarians have a very important role to play. They should become experts in the provision of specialist services such as animal health planning. Ensuring biological security on farms, vaccination and scientific research are further steps along the road to tightening up animal welfare standards. Another important issue worth emphasising is the impact of undertakings concerned with the slaughter of animals, their transport and also with feed production, because such undertakings have a direct impact on the health and dignified treatment of animals. A new strategy and policy should be devised, based on the European Union’s single legal framework on animal health and incorporating the standards and guidelines laid down by the World Organisation for Animal Health. A key role in the monitoring and promotion of animal health is, however, played by farmers, breeders and animal owners."@en1

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