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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, if you do not mind I am going to stick to the facts. The facts tell us that Silvio Berlusconi’s government is reintroducing the concept of race into the Italian legal system and is rapidly marginalising Italy within the EU, systematically violating the founding principles on which Directive 2001/38/EC is built, first and foremost the fundamental principle of the right of free movement of persons. I would like to mention just two implications of this: the first we witnessed in Naples a few days ago, when the Camorra were appointed as stand-in law enforcement officers and dislodged anyone who remained in the city’s Romany camps with Molotov cocktails. The second one we heard from Mr Romagnoli, who has come out with a proposal whose origin can certainly not be embellished. This is a completely unoriginal proposal: to rebuild, build or conceive a State to which all Roma citizens are confined. I seem to recall that the same proposal was made about gypsies and Jews by Goebbels in 1930s Nazi Germany before war broke out, and the State of gypsies and Jews was replaced by crematoria. This is the message behind the proposal we have heard today."@en1

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