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"Mr President, Commissioner, here in the European Union, we are always proud – and quite rightly so, more often than not – that we try to find the middle ground and work together to find a solution, and that we often succeed in this. It is not always easy. Today’s joint debate on the reports by Mrs Ţicău and Mr Grosch provides some particularly good examples of this, and also some exceptionally bad ones: the 12-day rule and cabotage have been mentioned more than once. The 12-day rule is good; hopefully it also brings social benefits. However, for a certain sector of the low-cost tourism market, it has become an increasing problem, and we want to take consumers’ interests into account here as well. We have heard that attempts are being made to arrive at a good compromise, for which perhaps a little more time is needed. If it is a matter of a limited time – and that is indeed the case – then perhaps we should also take this time. The same applies to the cabotage rules. We are all agreed that we want to see better use made of the diverse infrastructures. However, this naturally affects many areas, particularly the transport industry, and the interests in the Member States vary widely on this. I am not entirely sure whether, when it comes to the topic of cabotage, a little ‘euromythology’ does not come into play here – simply because of the many years it has been under discussion. I would like to know whether there are really as many unladen journeys represented in the long lines of trucks that we have to overtake on the motorways – or are not allowed to overtake, as the case may be – as we are always being told. Perhaps an ‘I’m running unladen’ flag would be of interest here. However, the heart of our debate today is not so much the legislation we pass but what the Member States will put into effect, apply and implement."@en1

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