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"Bearing in mind that the European Community, in its negotiations with the Association of South East Asian Nations with a view to concluding a second-generation free-trade agreement, should give priority to the multilateral trade system established by the World Trade Organisation, it is a matter of importance that ASEAN covers a widely varying area: one of the countries is among the least-developed nations, whereas others are highly developed. This is the main reason why these inequalities are playing an important role in finalising a free-trade agreement. During the process of concluding free-trade agreements, one priority matter is the signing of a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement containing enforceable human rights clauses, as human rights and democracy are fundamental EU values. Attention must be paid to the consequences of the agreement for the small-scale farmers of the region and to monitoring and ensuring that family and sustainable agriculture are reinforced. Local authorities should also be sensitised to the fight against climate change by combating deforestation and by enhancing tropical forests. Trade in biofuels should therefore be restricted solely to those biofuels that do not disturb the equilibrium of the environment. The importance of ongoing cooperation on counter-terrorism and crisis/disaster management should also be stressed. An EU-ASEAN framework agreement could help to encourage future industrial growth in the EU, but should be based on the principle of transparency and on rules for competition and investment, intellectual property rights and state aid."@en1

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