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"Mr President, both the political situation and internal security in Zimbabwe took a sudden turn for the worse after the March parliamentary and presidential elections in that country. The very fact that the results of the elections have not yet been announced illustrates the breakdown of the rule of law and it also shows the totalitarian nature of authority in that African state. Today, in Africa, democracy itself is under serious threat. The regime has again used force against the opposition and against the democratic aspirations of Zimbabwe’s inhabitants. For this reason a decisive reaction is needed from the European Union and this should include our Parliament. We should react to the situation, but we should also condemn the action of China, which, by sending a cargo ship full of arms to the African coast, is trying to support the Mugabe regime. For this reason I am pleased to support the clause in our joint motion for a resolution calling on China to stop sending arms to Zimbabwe. Only in this way will it be possible to reduce the number of victims of the state terror to which the citizens of that country are being subjected."@en1

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