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"Mr President, I welcome the fact that the governments will enter into dialogue on key issues at the European Union-Latin America and Caribbean Summit. Małgorzata Handzlik has just made the point that it is very important that the parliaments should also be increasingly involved in this intercontinental dialogue and contribute to the process. In my view, it is especially important that there should be stronger contacts between Europeans and the people of South or Latin America and the Caribbean. It is not only business people and tourists but young people, above all, who have an important role to play. We need them if we are genuinely to establish better relations. In the European Union, we have gained valuable experience with student exchange programmes among the Member States, and this system should now be intensified in our relations with Latin America and the Caribbean as well. We need young people so that we can find viable and sustainable solutions in future to many of the important issues we face."@en1

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