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"Mr President, I wish to speak on the same issue. The Olympic flame has been extinguished with the blood of the Tibetans, blood spilled in Tibet every day. The closer we get to the opening of the Olympics, the greater the Chinese reprisals against their own citizens and against the inhabitants of Tibet. At the last part-session in Brussels, we adopted a resolution criticising human rights violations by the Chinese authorities. We also called for the Chinese to resume negotiations with the Dalai Lama. Unfortunately these calls were ignored by the Slovenian Presidency. I think that Parliament should react decisively to the fact that the Dalai Lama has not been invited to any official meeting with the European Union by the Slovenian Foreign Minister, Dimitrij Rupel. Parliament is the conscience of Europe and this conscience must not be silenced by any pronouncements by any minister holding office in the European Union."@en1

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