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"Mr President, Commissioner, may I, too, add my congratulations. You are a cancer expert, since you were the director of an oncological centre before you came here as a Commissioner, so you must be used to what you are hearing now. I will not take issue with the statistical data that my fellow Members are giving you. Mr Trakatellis said that 30% of people can be saved by prevention. As an oncologist myself, I can assure you that a further 30% can be saved by reliable screening programmes. Yet how many of the 27 Member States have such programmes? You must do something about this; coordination and hence assistance need to be assured. Perhaps you will also have to use funds from the Structural Funds and the 7th Framework Programme so that all these methods can contribute. You must help to raise the profile of oncology, since, as you have said, this is very important. The Slovenian Presidency is to be congratulated, but just as important is the creation of a task force wholly dedicated to the issue of cancer."@en1

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