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"The common agricultural policy is one of the pillars of European development and the debates on the methods of improvement of this policy should be a constant, not only for the European institutions, but also within the Member States in the communities that elected us. I am glad that by means of the Commission Communication and the report drafted by my colleague Goepel we have identified several solutions to enhance the common agricultural policy and to make the people in rural areas believe that this policy is for their own good and not only a set of bureaucratic provisions drafted by some offices in Brussels. However, we must be sure that the proposals made by the Commission, the Council and us are flexible and realistic enough to be efficient when implemented. Romania, the country that I represent in the European Parliament, accounts for 25% of the work force in agriculture and 40% of its population lives in the rural areas. These are figures which demonstrate the importance of agriculture and rural areas for Romania and our economy. The solutions that we find for the CAP reform must take account of such cases as Romania, with a large agricultural sector in a full process of modernisation."@en1

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