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"Madam President, Mr Vice-President, I would like to focus on three points in Mr Albertini’s excellent report. First of all, as your rapporteur on the subject of urban mobility, I am pleased that he has already given us some highly significant keynote messages to consider on that very important subject. I assume that we shall pursue the discussion in that direction in our committee and subsequently in the chamber too. Vice-President Barrot, you referred to the initiatives that the Commission will be taking on this very subject in the course of the present electoral term, and I hope we shall enjoy dealing with them. My second point relates to another matter that has already been raised, namely the internalisation of the social and environmental cost of transport operations. Every mode of transport must cover the costs it actually generates. In the light of this principle, great importance attaches to the issue we spoke about at the time of the Eurovignette discussion, namely the fact that those who operate heavy goods vehicles on our roads should actually pay a reasonable price, in other words all the costs they generate must be chargeable to them. Some of my fellow Members who expressed criticism of this principle have already slipped off into the night. I think I can say that the PPE-DE Group comprises not only supporters of Amendment 1 but also a number of opponents. We, for our part, shall certainly vote against that amendment. The third point to which I attach importance is referred to in paragraph 22, namely research. The aim here is to give vehicle manufacturers clear targets, clear indications of the direction in which the European transport sector is meant to go. Only then will they be able to deliver what we need at affordable prices when we need it. I would like to reiterate my special thanks to Commissioner Barrot for having planned such a busy programme for the rest of this legislative term. We need this programme, and both the environment and our transport system will be the better for it. Let me finally say to the Parliament-basher in the back row that I have a half-hour walk every day to and from the hotel here in Strasbourg, and so I have no need of either limousines or trams."@en1

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