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"Mr President, I commend both reports, but would at the same time like to draw attention to a contrasting view, linking industrial relocation inside the EU and structural and cohesion fund policy. Structural Funds can be seen as an overall subsidy provided by the EU to the less developed areas. Should we understand that this regional cohesion policy is questioned by leading politicians in leading EU Member States? What should happen? Should areas in the less developed Member States of the EU stop the development of infrastructure for fear of being accused of unfair competition? I refer to a article published the Monday before last, to the effect that a market economy should not be a jungle. Public policies do have a role to play, and not only for social reasons. However, we should keep our poise because there is no infallible local or national economy in this world, and however much we believe in social justice, not all citizens can always be winners at the same time, in the same place and all the time."@en1

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