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"Mr President, Commissioner, the scope of this report is so broad that I shall limit myself to commenting on a couple of issues. One of the main challenges facing the development of the Union is the swift spread of built up areas, together with energy consumption, transport and demographic changes, such as the depopulation of certain parts of the Union and the widening disparity between richer areas and less affluent ones. An integrated development policy focusing mainly on modernising infrastructure, improving energy efficiency and introducing cheap environmentally-friendly transport will help to ensure continuity in this sector. Another aim of the strategy in question ought to be focusing on the development of rural areas so as to make them more competitive, and thus slow down the depopulation of those areas, which is so significant for the new Member States. I would also like to draw attention to the importance of cooperation between urban and rural areas in order to promote the development of the territory as a whole. Access to information and communication technology should play a vital part in creating territorial cohesion and developing individual areas, and that is where our greatest problem currently lies."@en1

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