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"Mr President, recognition of Kosovo’s independence is equivalent to opening Pandora’s box in Europe. This is a dangerous precedent, in breach of international law – especially of UN resolutions – which has stated unambiguously that Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia. Today, with international approval, steps are being taken to dismantle one of Europe’s states. I am saying this as an MEP from a state that has already experienced such dismantling in its history. There can be no consent to this. This is a dangerous precedent, since Kosovo’s footsteps have been followed by South Ossetia and Abkhazia, among others, who have already announced a desire to break away and a desire to declare independence. What shall we say about Cyprus, which is striving for unity at all costs? With such an example, and by setting this example for the Cypriots, we are putting them in an unclear and ambiguous situation in which they will be unable to fight for the unity of their island. Above all, ladies and gentlemen, recognition of Kosovan independence is a gift for the progressive Islamisation of Europe, and I do not think that any of us meant that to happen."@en1

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