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"Mr President, Commissioner, this issue has been too much for some people in recent days and weeks. In the committee, some people nearly had a heart attack when they read the first draft report. The Commission has halted the initiative because you, Commissioner, were apparently overwhelmed by the task of producing a reform proposal that was capable of securing a majority. Our parliamentary administration was overwhelmed and put today's debate on the agenda with the nonsensical title ‘Commission statement - Reform of trade protection instruments’, while the list of speakers says Reform of consumer protection instruments, which is not much better. Looking at the public gallery, it seems that the members of the public are overwhelmed as well and have taken themselves off to a restaurant or gone home. Perhaps somebody is at least watching on the Internet, and hopefully, we will maintain an overview here in the Chamber. I find it most regrettable that the Commission has not managed to produce a reform proposal which could secure a majority in the Council and Parliament. This is certainly not the right time for this type of reform, but no one here would have anticipated that the reform would fail so miserably. What is important now? First of all, will the Commission inform Parliament in good time of its intentions to take up this reform again and involve us at every stage? Let me draw your attention specifically to the codecision rights under the Lisbon Treaty. Secondly, will there now be a reform by the back door, without a decision by the Council and Parliament? Or will you, Commissioner, genuinely – as has just been said – attempt to restore confidence? The trade defence instruments must be applied according to the current rules and practice. Thirdly, why are you undertaking staff changes in the relevant department at this particular time? We will be monitoring the conduct of the Commission and DG Trade very closely in the coming weeks."@en1

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