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"Mr President, the Parliament in Kosovo declared independence yesterday. Serbia has therefore lost the cradle of its nationhood for the second time in history. I would remind the House that the Turks first seized this province from Serbia in the Middle Ages. In our times, supported by Member States of the Union and by our own silence, Serbia has once again suffered the loss of this territory, which is so precious to it. Ladies and gentlemen, Kosovo’s declaration of independence constitutes a violation of international law on the inviolability and integrity of borders and countries. Kosovo’s declaration of independence also amounts to opening Pandora’s box, because it will foster extremism and nationalism and may fuel extremism of all kinds within Europe and beyond. We already have to deal, amongst other things, with similar claims in Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh and the Basque Country. This is a very ill-judged move as far as one particular Member State is concerned, namely Cyprus. How is that country supposed to respond? Cyprus is striving for reunification at the same time as we are supporting separatist movements. We should not accept the independence of Kosovo, because it poses a threat to the security of Europe and above all to the internal security of Serbia."@en1

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