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"Mr President, I think Mr Deprez has correctly identified the problem and Vice-President Frattini has provided the solution to that problem. Strictly speaking we are facing a year of transition, but during that year of transition, to which we need to add six more months up to the end of the parliamentary term, we have some mature decisions to make that we cannot neglect. This is why I think that the interinstitutional agreement is absolutely essential in order to be able to harmonise mature initiatives with the much needed and much desired codecision. Therefore, Mr President, I think that the importance of initiatives such as those within the framework of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice – let us bear in mind that, of the Commission’s 26 strategic proposals, a third come under the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice – gives us a huge responsibility when dealing with the draft legislation that we have under way. This is why the much called for evaluation of the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders deserves all our attention, as do all issues relating to migratory phenomena, concerning both legal and illegal immigration. Civil and criminal justice to provide better services for citizens, Europol, a revised European Agency in the new framework of the Constitutional Treaty – not forgetting, Mr President, data protection in the third pillar – all of this merits the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice being harmonised in terms of both methods and time."@en1

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