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"Mr President, our greatest concern regarding the proposals for a solution for Kosovo relates to the attempt to place a unilateral declaration of independence on a legal footing, and this would have momentous consequences for international law. The recognition of Kosovan independence outside the framework of the United Nations, by means of a unilateral declaration, would constitute a dangerous development; it would perhaps lead to further bloodshed and a redrawing of the borders. We believe that, as a very clear infringement of international law, it would also be used in other conflict situations as a method of resolving disputes. Perhaps this could also happen in the case of EU Member States such as Cyprus. The situation in Kosovo is a continuation and a result of interventionist policies and is a problem that can be resolved only within the framework of the UN and existing international law, without external intervention and infringement of the principles of its very charter. The impact of measures that are taken unilaterally can currently be seen in Iraq. It is only by means of legal, agreed political solutions that peace can be ensured."@en1

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