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"Mr President, President-in-Office of the Council, ladies and gentlemen, as an Italian I would like to welcome particularly warmly the fact that Slovenia holds the Presidency of the Council; that, of the countries who have recently joined the European Union, it falls to Slovenia to be the first to hold the Presidency; and that Slovenia is now in the Schengen area together with other European countries. As holder of the Presidency, your fundamental task is to give a strong impetus to the process of ratifying the Lisbon Treaty. This is a treaty that will enable this Parliament to have greater co-decision powers, that will make it possible to take decisions by qualified majority on some absolutely strategic issues and all within sectors where the fundamental rights of citizens will be given more attention and more protection: I am thinking of judicial cooperation and legal immigration. Our suggestion is directed to this end, and we will have to attempt over the coming months to find room for an interinstitutional agreement to regulate the transitional stage on various issues: I am thinking, for instance, of the Europol package to be voted on tomorrow, and tomorrow this Parliament will ask you to make an undertaking for the Council to consult the European Parliament once again within six months of the entry into force of the treaties in the light of the new legal provisions that these treaties will offer us. Again, on the common immigration policy I would ask for your commitment to a secure framework, as illegal immigration can only be combated while respecting fundamental rights with tenacity, conviction and accuracy, partly in order to avoid a recurrence of what happened a few months ago when hundreds of human beings clung to tuna nets in a vain attempt to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe."@en1

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