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"Mr President, as an MEP who for some years now has been involved in protecting the rights of children, I am very pleased to accept the report of Mrs Angelilli concerning the creation of a unified EU strategy on the rights of the child. Violations of children’s rights, violence against children, the trade in children for illegal adoptions, prostitution, illegal work or for begging on the streets: these continue to be an enormous problem for the EU. Every strategy concerning children’s rights should be based on the values and principles contained in the UN Convention, particularly as regards protection against all forms of discrimination. Every child must have a guaranteed right to have continuous and direct contact with both parents, as well as the right to be brought up in the parents’ culture and the right to learn the language of both parents. These rights are repeatedly violated by the German Office for Children and Young People, the as regards children one of whose parents is foreign. In cases of divorce, the uses any method to deprive the parent who is not German of their parental rights. Children are deprived of their right to learn the language of the second parent, and it is forbidden to have conversations in languages other than German during meetings that have been arranged. Official documents state that it is harmful for children to be bilingual. Over 250 complaints against the actions of this office have been filed with the Committee on Petitions. Despite the fact that a year ago the European Commission stated that the actions of the German violate Article 12 of the EU Treaty, which bans all discrimination, the German state has become even stricter in its discriminatory practices against children of foreigners and this is an absolute scandal. I hope that since this report is the voice of the European Parliament, this will help to remove the discrimination that is found in this area."@en1

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