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"Madam President, Mr Vice-President, as has already been said, you described yourself as a man of the mountains at the time of the discussion on the European toll disc, the Eurovignette, and you certainly went a long way towards living up to that name, at least in the context of those earlier discussions. Now, however, there are more steps to be taken, steps that are probably more important. The time has come to internalise external costs or, if I may switch from Euro-newspeak to a language that people understand, to ensure that we all pay for what we get in the realm of transport and to obtain more knowledge about who generates what costs and surely also more knowledge about how we can recoup the costs from those who generate them. You have presented us today with a timetable which contains initial key elements of what you promised back then. That, I believe, is good, and what you have presented should certainly be welcomed. What is missing, however – and this has already been mentioned – is the absolutely crucial next step. When will there be a proposal for a legal instrument which will ensure that the various infrastructure users are charged on the basis of the true cost of their operations? And there is a wide diversity of users to take into account. We wait with bated breath to see if it will prove possible, and we expect it to prove possible, to achieve this goal in the current legislative term, for only if we actually set this instrument in motion will other major projects that have been approved in recent weeks and months, some of them proposed by you, become sound investments. If we pour a lot of money into the construction of the Brenner tunnel, that will only be a sound investment if a shift in the cost structure actually leads to the desired changes on the transalpine route. In that respect we are confident that you, as a man of the mountains, will help us on this important issue."@en1

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