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"Madam President, Commissioner, two proposed measures that stand out are those of grubbing up the vines and adding sugar to wine. The first is a counterproductive and environmentally unfriendly procedure essentially entailing the forced exodus from their jobs of thousands of small and medium-sized growers who, instead of receiving assistance to stay in their jobs, are being sent away to form a cheap workforce. As for the addition of sugar, our rejection is based on the fact that a permitted increase to 4.5% vol. and the use of the term ‘wine’ for drinks which are not made from grapes will downgrade the quality and special characteristics of wine. Furthermore, the so-called ‘simplification of labelling’ will contribute further to the downgrading of quality because it will not include the obligation to indicate the area where the wine was produced. Here I would like to point out that rightly or wrongly, for example in my country in the past, mass grubbing-up operations were carried out, for which, however, no financial assistance measures are now included at European level. With a clear conscience we shall vote against the proposal, and shall support the minority proposal which addresses the social and economic concerns of the producers in my country, Cyprus, and those of other European producers. Now should be the time to assist the producers, instead of sending them into a spiral of unemployment and reduced income."@en1

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