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". Mr President, I would like to thank and congratulate Mrs Lienemann on her efforts and the way she conducted the negotiations with the Council and the Commission. I shall focus on some of the main positive issues. The directive as a whole will place sufficient emphasis on the necessary measures for compliance and for achieving good environmental status, any deterioration in which will be avoided. Although the European Parliament had originally called for 2017, the schedule for compliance by the Member States is now set to run until 2020, a realistic date which is proposed by the Council in coordination with the national representatives. The Member States will provide an initial assessment up to 2012, defining good environmental status and declaring coherent environmental goals. The European Parliament was able to obtain clear commitments from the Council for integrated policies and approaches which will encourage the Member States to cooperate in achieving EU-wide good environmental status. This directive also takes account of the Common Fisheries Policy, providing for viable exploitation of fishery resources while at the same time respecting the integrity of ecosystems, so that they can be preserved or restored and, where necessary, egg-laying, shelter and feeding sites can be protected. Lastly, as regards funding resources, implementation will apply to the existing funds within the scope of the financial resources and in line with economic prospects for 2007-2013, and will be renegotiated for the next period, given that the overall duration of the directive is until 2020."@en1

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