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"I have decided to vote in favour of the Alain Lipietz report on ‘Trade and Climate Change’ at the November mini-plenary session in Brussels. The report has merit, and it addresses many of the concerns we all share. However, I have decided to vote against some of the amendments and paragraphs because I believe that global warming has to be addressed through sustainable measures which do not have an adverse effect on world economic growth, or the long-term prospects of Europe’s social model. I am very sensitive to the issue of climate change. The European Union has taken the lead in proposing far-reaching solutions on how to tackle climate change. I believe that Europe’s proposals have become the benchmark for any future discussion, and believe they are compatible with our economic model. I believe that global trade has been beneficial to the world economy, but at the same time I acknowledge that more needs to be done, especially in the transport sector, to reduce harmful emissions. But world trade as such should not be distorted."@en1
"Daniel Caspary (PPE-DE ),"1

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