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"Madam President, honourable colleagues, as we deal with this draft report, we should concentrate on the real issue, namely trade and climate change. Unfortunately, in his first draft, the rapporteur did not manage to produce positive economic and socially compatible proposals as to how we can tackle this problem. In my view, there is far too much confusion, both by the rapporteur and in the report itself, between the issue of trade and the issue of transport. It is not world trade that is the problem, nor the worldwide division of labour; and nor is the problem the fact that thanks to trade, regions that have been or are still poor are now experiencing economic growth. No, our problem, surely, is that transport is not efficient and ecologically friendly enough. Our problem, surely, is that due to poverty or low levels of prosperity in some regions of the world, many people and countries cannot afford the climate protection that is necessary and makes ecological and economic sense. It is only by integrating these regions into world trade that we will achieve a situation in which these people can afford environmental and climate protection. If you face a daily struggle for survival, you are not going to be thinking about environmental or climate protection. It is only through well-functioning world trade that we will be able to sell our modern technologies around the world and thus make a contribution to protecting the climate. That is why, in my view, it is more trade, not less trade, that is the proper response to the problems of trade and climate change. I am therefore most grateful to my colleague Georgios Papastamkos for being able to introduce numerous important themes into the committee debate, and I am most grateful that the ALDE Group has tabled various amendments for tomorrow’s plenary that move in this direction. I would like to conclude with a request. In this report, we unfortunately have several points where we have discredited our social market economy. We should find a way to remove these outbursts against our economic system, which has brought prosperity and social security to so many people. I would be grateful if the groups could show some creativity here so that our Group can also vote for this report."@en1

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