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"Mr President, Polish fishermen demonstrated in front of the European Commission’s headquarters in Brussels yesterday. They were protesting against the unfair and discriminatory action taken by the Commission against the Polish fishing industry. The problem relates to the ban on fishing for cod in the Baltic Sea. Cod is the main source of income for Polish fishermen. The fishing ban was imposed by the Commission as a punishment for exceeding the annual quota for cod catches. In addition, the Commission has threatened that Poland may not be allocated a fishing quota at all for 2008, or that its quota will be reduced. That would certainly bankrupt the Polish fishing industry. The quotas allocated are very restrictive and are based on incomplete and distorted data concerning stocks of cod in the Baltic. Against this background, the question arises as to why Poland was the only country subjected to control, when my country called for detailed control of fishing in all countries. German, Swedish and Danish fishermen are also exceeding the quotas. Are Polish fishermen to become Commissioner Borg’s sacrificial lamb? Alternatively, is this perhaps an effort to eliminate competition by recourse to the European Commission? The Union has evidently failed to take the notion of equality on board, and I therefore support the protest."@en1

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