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"Mr President, Mr Vice-President, ladies and gentlemen, Europe has much to offer to help all of us make our lives and our economies better. Unfortunately, almost all these good intentions have names which are difficult to pronounce. This applies especially to one of the priorities in today’s railway package. Interoperability is the magic word which describes what we want and what we must achieve if we are genuinely to have a functioning railway system in Europe. Locomotives and other rolling stock must be aligned with each other, but for that, we need authorisation procedures which are interlinked. The Commission has presented a relevant proposal which we have developed further in Parliament in a consensus between all the political families. We hope that, along with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) and other things, this will help us achieve a better-coordinated rail system for a single Europe. Our system is based on the concept and principle of mutual recognition and technical harmonisation, sets clear deadlines and criteria for authorisations, and requires – and this is very important – that, in the event of an application for authorisation being rejected, the national safety authority must prove that there is a risk to safety, not the other way around. What we want, and what we hope to achieve, is that many of the tasks which have been transferred to the European Railway Agency in this context will be carried out by that Agency as quickly and purposefully as possible. My hope is that, as my colleague Georg Jarzembowski has said, during and at the end of the process, there will be less bureaucracy here in our single Europe than is currently the case. We are confident that our proposals can secure broad consensus in the House at the vote, so that the tangible outcome will indeed be more interoperability."@en1

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