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". Mr President, in amending the Directive on safety of the Community’s railways, it is important to support efforts aimed at creating a common market for rail transport services. That is why a common framework for regulating railway safety must be established. The Commission should be authorised to adjust and adopt common safety measures and common safety targets. It should also be authorised to introduce a single certification system. To that end, existing requirements should first be checked, together with current safety conditions in Member States so as to establish whether the current safety level of the railway system has not been eroded in any Member State. Priority areas where safety needs to be improved further should be identified too. A safety certificate should constitute an assurance that the railway undertaking has put in place a safety management system covering the provision of transport services on the European network. Items of rolling stock authorised to be placed into service in a given Member State must be covered by this authorisation in other Member States, if indeed the latter require such authorisation. The directive in question states that whenever rolling stock is authorised to enter into service a legal entity responsible for its maintenance must be appointed. That is very important. The entity in question could be a railway undertaking, a sub-contractor or the owner of the rolling stock. This measure responds to the expectations of the market in services. The initiative before us will ensure that rail transport becomes more competitive and will allow jobs in the sector to be saved. Amendments to this directive have been eagerly awaited, especially in the new Member States. I therefore congratulate the rapporteur."@en1

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