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"Mr President, like almost all the previous speakers – only almost all, unfortunately – I am pleased that today, or tomorrow, we will give a mandate to the President of this House to sign the Charter. Human rights are our European trade mark both within and outside Europe. Nonetheless, may I advise caution and that we do not get carried away by our emotions and bite off more than we can chew. With the Charter and the necessary ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, we are establishing the important and classic basic rights and the important social rights on a legally binding basis, which means that they will be binding for the European institutions and the application of Community law. We are also making it possible to have recourse to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg in respect of these basic rights, albeit under certain very narrowly defined conditions. However, this does not mean that every citizen will be able to petition the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg immediately, or indeed at all, as some people – swept away by their emotions – have occasionally claimed. That kind of claim does not serve our interests. Let us stop making these assertions, which overshoot the mark, and let us feel a sense of gratification at the result that we have achieved. In the European Union, we have now set an important course – not only in relation to the classic rights but for our social policy too – of which we can in all conscience be proud. It includes the work/life balance, the prohibition of child labour, health protection for everyone and a high level of environmental and consumer protection. We should be pleased about that; it is the truth, and there is no need to embellish it."@en1

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