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"Mr President, allow me to begin my remarks by pointing out that this is the second debate today on a foreign-policy issue at which the Commission has not been represented by the competent Commissioner. This morning we had our main debate on the subject of globalisation, and the competent Commissioner was not present, and this evening the members of the Commission with responsibility for this important matter are once more absent. I have nothing against our esteemed Commissioner Borg, but it would be proper, in my view, if the Commission were represented by the Commissioner with responsibility for the subject under discussion. I should be grateful, Mr President, if you would forward this request to the Commission for future debates, and I am sure it serves the interests of the whole college of Commissioners. I should like to express my sincere thanks to Mr Zaleski for his very balanced report. We must improve our cooperation with our Ukrainian neighbours. That is why it is good that the European neighbourhood policy should be shaped accordingly. That is why it is good that Ukraine should accede to the WTO. That is why it is good that we should negotiate a partnership and cooperation agreement, and it is good that we should support the vision of a free trade area as the start of a careful unveiling of a European perspective for Ukraine. Let me also say at this point, however, that I cannot envisage Ukrainian membership of the EU for the foreseeable future. Improved cooperation, to which many of my fellow Members have already referred, is also an urgent requirement and can benefit both sides. I attach particular importance to fruitful cooperation and close solidarity with our eastern neighbours. In my view it is intolerable, for example, that Russia should make its cooperation with Ukraine dependent on which government is in office in Kiev and which parliamentary majority the Ukrainian nation has elected. That is intolerable, and Russia is on the wrong track with such a policy. We as Europeans, as the European Union, must support the Ukrainian people on the next stages of their journey to independence and firmly established democracy. Mr Zaleski’s report constitutes a large and important contribution to that effort."@en1

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