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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, our European aim of success in the age of globalisation can be achieved if we take our chances. Our discussion in the public forum focuses all too often on the adverse effects of globalisation. We discuss them whenever companies have to shed jobs or relocate abroad, but we say far too little about all the good things that come out of globalisation. Take my constituency, for example – my home region. No less than 74% of the industrial output of my constituency is now exported. We are reaping definite benefits from globalisation. In my home region, sadly, workers are also being laid off by businesses that are no longer profitable, but many more can be recruited by other businesses that are benefitting from globalisation, companies that have adapted, and our unemployment figures are falling sharply. Unfortunately, we speak too rarely about that side of the coin. The European Union has an important role to play in shaping globalisation. Four hundred and eighty million Europeans must stand together for their interests and values. We already have the world’s most open economy, but we need worldwide market access. We must set greater store by reciprocity. Non-tariff barriers and other obstacles to trade are unacceptable. We must be able to defend ourselves against unfair trading practices. To that end we need trade-defence instruments, and we need a Commissioner who neither lacks credibility nor exudes arrogance when representing the European Union in the world, but who boldly defends our trading interests in a spirit of cooperation and mutual trust. We must protect intellectual property more effectively, we must press harder for global rules and standards, we must strengthen the WTO, and we must practise transatlantic partnership. If we and the Commission perform these tasks, we shall truly be able to use and shape the globalisation process to ensure that people in general can continue to live their lives in freedom and prosperity."@en1

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