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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, we cannot go along with a lot of what President Barroso has said, especially when he says that the Commission is being tough on illegal immigration but very generous and supportive on integration. We can certainly agree to the directive on penalising employers who illegally employ non-Community migrant workers, but we find no trace in the programme of those legislative measures on legal migration previously announced by Vice-President Frattini. No mention is made of the Directives on seasonal workers and highly skilled workers, nor of opening up legal migration channels for unskilled non-Community workers, who constitute the majority of immigrants now present on EU soil. We believe these measures to be necessary, not least so as to combat exploitation and bring undeclared work out into the open. The reference to a shared overall approach is fine, and one cannot fail to agree on the need to avoid having 27 different immigration policies, but we look forward to receiving some more tangible information about the European surveillance system announced in the programme. Finally, Mr President, I would recall that under the new Lisbon Treaty many of these subjects will be handled through codecision as of 1 January 2009, with this House assuming full legislative responsibility alongside the Council and the Commission. It might perhaps be useful to prepare the ground for better cooperation among the EU institutions."@en1

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