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"Mr President, we, too, welcome the Commission’s vigorous efforts, the legislative programme and the work programme. The programme brings out the need to adopt measures in the transport sector that are more environmentally friendly; it highlights the Strategic EU Energy Review, the suppression of biodiversity and the marine environment strategy. We recognise the EU’s major contribution so far to the fight against climate change, about which several Members have already spoken. My only comment with regard to accepting the inevitable period of climate change we will have to undergo is that I disagree. Rather than accept it, we should put pressure on our partners to comply with the Kyoto Protocol and abide by the post-Kyoto commitments to reduce gas emissions. We Europeans should also practise what we are constantly preaching. The European Commission also emphasises health and proposes numerous legislative and non-legislative packages. Medical insurance and quality of health services, pharmaceutical products, organ transplants, rare diseases and innovative technologies to fight chronic diseases are among the issues that the Commission intends to include in its programme. The Commission’s targets are very ambitious, but we shall have to wait and see their finer detail. Lastly, I must mention the Health Services Directive. Under what conditions will the free movement of patients and health professionals be permitted? How can we avoid a disproportionate burden on health funds? These are just some of the questions that we will have to consider in connection with this new directive."@en1

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