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"Mr President, the EU’s budget is the main way to achieve political priorities. Its budgetary policy seems to have three aims: business competitiveness, anti-terrorism and intervention in third countries. Expenditure is used to achieve these three aims, but the interests and concerns of the masses are entirely different. They relate to their future places of work, income, pensions, and state school and university education. Let us ask ourselves about the political priorities set by the budget: do they really improve the lives of citizens? Is the EU as a global player meeting its commitments fairly? How does the allocation of some EUR 741 million to promote freedom, security and justice improve the lives of European citizens? The Commission’s recent consultation paper on the reform of the budget says that today and especially in the future the budget ought to intensifying competition for raw materials and markets, shifting the balance of economic power and liberalising huge new markets which create new opportunities for Europeans. However, this is exactly what is leading the people of Europe astray. For a start, instead of the budgets of Member States being aimed at social justice, they are aggravating the struggle to control the markets regardless of the means. Secondly, this stirs up public opinion in third countries against Europe."@en1

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