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"The truth about the Reform Treaty is the same as that about the European Constitution. These deeds transform the international organisation that is the European Community, as well as the union between its members that is the European Union, into a continental superstate. They also effect a recognition of this superstate (by accession to the European Convention on Human Rights of 1950, the parties to which may only be states). They open up a new path for the creation of a single European law without the involvement of the Member States (through interpretation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights by the European Court of Justice). One could spend a long time listing examples of equivalent significance. In view of this situation, we come up against the issue of guarantees of the rights of the peoples of Europe in the new superstate, since it has so far been the Member States that constituted these guarantees for their peoples. This problem has not been addressed at all in the Reform Treaty. Since the rights of peoples are none other than human rights raised to the level of community life, because of the project to establish a superstate we are facing a human rights crisis in Europe. We must therefore reject the Reform Treaty and set about doing some fundamental work on a system to guarantee the rights of peoples under the conditions of European integration. If we do not do this, Europe will be threatened by another explosion of totalitarianism."@en1

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